Marj Bond

Martine F Pugh

This is a long overdue monograph dedicated to Scottish painter Marj Bond, an intuitive and passionate artist, best known for her striking paintings of deities and Inca warriors and her use of handmade paper. It offers a review of her 50-year career with over 100 colour illustrations, many from private and public collections, and works never seen before. It traces her artistic journey, from Glasgow School of Art to the present day, through the exotic destinations that have fired up her imagination, India, Mexico, Morocco and Cuba. It describes how Bond translated these sources into her bold imagery.

The book was informed by hours of interviews and Bond gave the author, Martine F Pugh, unrestricted access to her archives and studio that revealed a striking body of abstract works alongside her imaginary characters, and a series of insightful portraits of influential individuals, such as art extraordinary pioneer, Joyce Laing.

Former Glasgow Herald critic Clare Henry, and arts promoter Richard Demarco, have added their appreciation of Marj Bond’s unique talent and contribution to the contemporary Scottish art world.

Marj Bond has long been a member of prominent arts organisations such as the SSA, RSW and Royal Glasgow Institute, and was recently elected a member of Paisley Art Institute.

  • Contains over 100 illustrations of better known works and of rarely or previously unseen works.
  • Reviews her figurative works and her abstract paintings.
  • Highlights the part she played in promoting contemporary Scottish art through the running of her own art gallery in Perth, Scotland, in the 1980s.
  • Will appeal to people interested in Surrealism, Exoticism, Primitivism, Abstract Expressionism and contemporary Scottish art


Extent:  160pp
Size:  260 x 260mm
Illustrations:  over 100 full colour
Binding:  hardback
ISBN: 978-1-908326-92-8


About the author

A postgraduate of Edinburgh College of Art Visual and Cultural Studies, Martine Foltier Pugh is interested in Surrealism, Expressionism, in artists’ creative processes and the impact of context on their vision. She has written a series of over forty articles, commissioned by Art in Healthcare and published online, on prominent artists in their collection.

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