A contemporary Scottish artist with a distinguished exhibiting career, Marj Bond is represented in major galleries, museums, private and public collections across the UK and abroad. She has received numerous awards and accolades.


As eloquent in figurative as in abstract mode, Marj Bond has evolved a unique and primordial language of glyphs and symbols, a fusion of her own Celtic and other early cultures encountered during her many travels to India, Mexico, Cuba and Morocco.

She responds intuitively to her surroundings. Often working directly on textured handmade paper, she builds up her paintings with expressive brush strokes and collage until a stylised figure or an abstracted landscape is released from her subconscious and begins to take shape.

Over the years, she has been inspired to portray the charismatic and ill-fated Mary Queen of Scots who was imprisoned in Fife not far from where she lives and lifelong friends such as Scottish artist and arts promoter Richard Demarco, the director of The Bohun Gallery Pat Jordan-Evans, and Joyce Laing, the champion of ‘Outsider Art’ in Scotland.

Text Martine F Pugh